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Summer 2019

Matt Oxeley

This summer I worked as a geotechnical engineering intern for Hillis Carnes Engineering out of Annapolis Junction, MD. I would be assigned to job sites as the only company rep on site, and I would monitor utility fills, mass grading, and foundation work! Most of my work revolved around soils, and I would test compaction of the fills and write up reports, in addition to monitoring foundation work on the site. I also worked in large-scale development with retaining walls, concrete pouring, and more! It was a great experience and I learned so much about the construction industry this summer. Although I plan to commission as an officer in the Army upon graduation at PSU, I gained valuable practical experience in the civilian/corporate world that I can carry over into future jobs someday!

Mitch Hornberger

Penn State University Spotted Lanternfly research group

Position: Field Manager of Horticultural Bio-Assay and Insecticide Experiment Gained experience in management of large scale research experiments, field research and scouting of Spotted Lanternfly host plant species, Insecticide and Bio-insecticide safety and application. Worked in conjunction with Cornell University on the efficacy of wide spread use of fungus as a Biological control of Spotted Lanternfly. Aided career in research development and management of projects along with higher education in Entomology work/Integrated Pest Management in the Horticulture world.

Olivia Drum

This summer I worked as a Program Technician for the USDA Farm Service Agency. I was placed at a county office in Connecticut. I assisted farmers in submitting acreage reports for insurance purposes and signing up for financial programs. Along with this, I worked along side the Natural Resource and Conservation Service Agency to submit paperwork on land determinations. This job was a great fit for me since I am an Animal Science major with an Agronomy minor. The most rewarding experience of the summer was being able to provide payments to dairy farmers who are facing a hard time in the industry and knowing that we are helping them.

Drew Walton

Worked for Cochranville Ag Service LLC. Various activities from driving nurse truck to pulling tissue samples. Took lead on their tissue sampling program for the summer. Scouted lots of crops.

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